Adobe is ending support for Flash after December 31. This means that Miniclip will no longer be able to host Dragon Fist 3D after that date.
  • A
  • W
  • S
  • I
    Quick punch
  • O
    Quick kick
  • K
    Power punch
  • L
    Power kick
  • I
    Press together for special attack

Enter the dojo of the Dragon and prove your kung fu fighting skills. Choose from one of several characters or create your own champion, with customized appearance and attacks to suit your style! There are multiple ways to play including Endurance and 2-player modes so get ready to face challenge after challenge as you fight your way to the top. Don't get knocked out - fight now!

Controls are customizable in the options menu.


There are 9 awards in Dragon Fist 3D. View All Awards

  • Dragon Ninja Award
  • Feng Xiu Award
  • Dragon Master Award
  • Legend Award
  • Undefeated Legend Award
  • Enduring Fighter Award
  • Dragon Fist 3D Bronze Award
  • Dragon Fist 3D Silver Award
  • Dragon Fist 3D Gold Award

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