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  • wasd Move
  • move mouse Aim
  • left mouse button Shoot
  • space Perform action
  • E
    Switch weapon

The year is 2079. A catastrophic event has occurred on Federal Space Station E295 and the station is now overrun by zombies. You have been awakened from cryogenic sleep and must defend against the undead!

Clear a series of rooms infested with zombies by shooting them with a variety of guns. Buy new guns from the weapon shop to increase your arsenal. Find surviving soldiers and recruit them to fight at your side or hold defensive positions. Don't forget to pick up the money and ammo dropped by the zombies you kill.

Get ready to kill zombies - play now and clear out the infestation!


There are 3 awards in Zombinsanity. View All Awards

  • Zombinsanity Bronze
  • Zombinsanity Silver
  • Zombinsanity Gold

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